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Is Salesforce Good For Your Business?

The implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is vital because it helps businesses track their interactions with clients from calls, to emails sent, meetings, and so much more. Without a CRM in effect businesses can suffer from loss of clients because details were misplaced, meetings were missed, calls were not returned or emails were not answered.

In today’s data and technology driven world, there are CRM software that help you manage your business. Of these, Salesforce has undoubtedly become the buzzword and gold standard when it comes to the CRM software industry. Let’s find out why…

The good stuff

It’s pervasive because of its broad user base that is why it’s the number one choice of many reputable organizations. Salesforce is highly scalable in that it has lots of room for customisation. For instance, you can create your dashboards, fields, reports, and even formulas. It allows you to customise your Projects, Milestones, Tasks and others based on what you need.

This degree of customisation has given birth to third party apps that integrate with Salesforce. For example, with any number of free or paid apps, you can create proposals and invoices that you can use on your clients, accounts, and projects. There are apps that you can use to manage your finances, organise your team, and allow you to create structured marketing activities, and more.

Salesforce has a ring to that that makes small to medium scale enterprises look and sound like they’re in the big league. However, it’s not just an ordinary CRM because this platform is easily linked with other business systems even those used by large organisations such as Marketo.

The not so good stuff

What makes Salesforce great can also be its downfall. It’s loaded with possibilities that there will be times when you can get bogged down by all the information in front of you. This is evident in businesses where there’s a small team, few clients, and the CRM needs are not that complicated.

In some companies there Salesforce works great with their marketing and sales departments but may not work that well with the technical team that use it basically for project management and time tracking when they’re left with many input fields that are left unused and have to dig through to the bottom of a project to find the correct information.

Advice to those thinking of getting Salesforce

Choosing a cloud provider can be a huge challenge. It can also be expensive but you do get what you pay for. Whether you’re a small or large business don’t just jump in, take the time to fully understand if Salesforce will fit your business goals. Spend your time doing research. If you eventually get Salesforce, start small and try to avoid over customisation in the first instance. As you become accustomed to it, you can then use it as an opportunity to change your company’s processes and mechanisms. Strategic implementation is the key here. This way you will avoid all the unnecessary cost and long implementation.

Technology in the hands of businessmen

Evolution Of Modern Day Technology – Study Of The Present Decade

The world is rapidly changing and this is very evident in the field of software development. There are new changes, developments and enhancement in technology that are coping up with new challenges and demands of the market. You cannot blame them for this, as users we are always expecting faster and highly productive things around us.

There have been quite a few developments that this decade has seen where the world has moved on from the past and moving ahead into future technology, faster than what was anticipated a century ago. Here are a few listed below that have been obvious changes in technology development in the past decade.

Companies moving to cloud technology: Cloud technology though heard of wasn’t given as much importance in the past but this decade has witnessed both public and private organizations opting for it. It reduces the use of hardware and minimizes updating costs. Moreover, it is highly user-friendly and affordable for any size of business.

Location-based applications: The incorporation of GPS technology in mobile applications and smart phones has paved way to develop applications that focus on locations. It is a trend that developed slowly and is catching up pretty much all over the world. More people are using the GPS system to track everything from business location to information. Foursquare and Facebook places are some of the best examples of location-based applications.

Agile Methodology: Software developed in this decade uses agile methodology that helps to complete the project within a short time. Moreover, a team of professionals can exchange recommendation and discuss project updates on a regular basis. This way, they can create better products within a short time frame.

Mobile devices: Apart from communication, mobile devices are now used for shopping, reading reviews, sharing, and other functionalities. It is due to the advancement of software market, the mobile applications are becoming popular by the day. It helps consumers use their favorite mobile devices more than just for communication purposes.


Cloud Computing Technology And How It Affects Our Lives Today

Cloud computing has already changed the way individuals and businesses store and access their data in a big way. Storing data in the cloud frees up space on local computers and allows access from computers all over the world This allows for much more freedom and fluidity, but also presents some unique security challenges. Nevertheless, a majority of leading technology experts project that by the year 2020, cloud computing will have surpassed desktops in popular use. Most major social media sites are hosted in the cloud, as well as many popular email domains like Hotmail and Yahoo mail. Microblogging sites like WordPress and Twitter also appear there, as well as YouTube, Google Docs, Ebay, Flickr, and Yelp. With such a wide adoption already, it is clear that cloud computing is not going away anytime soon.

The Individual Cloud

Besides the services listed above, there are many more advantages to entice the individual into a life of cloud computing. Storing documents, photos, and music can free up space on personal computers and provide protection against untimely crashes. Many people use cloud storage services to backup their data as “insurance” in the event that their local storage is damaged or compromised. They can also benefit from the gradual shift that is happening from expensive software to free or cheap web-based services. Instead of buying expensive photo editing software for use on their individual computers, they may opt for services like Pixlr that come at a much more palatable price. It is also convenient to be able to access data on any of the user’s devices, as is the premise for services that let users watch their videos on their computer, phone, or any TV in the house and never lose their place.

The Cloud for Businesses

The advantages businesses stand to gain from adopting cloud technology are, in some ways, even greater than that of the individual. Using applications like Google Docs can allow several people to work seamlessly on the same project all at once, from wherever they are. This allows for greater efficiency on collaborative projects as well as greater flexibility to accommodate employees wishing to work from home. This greater ability for remote work can allow businesses to save money on office costs while still receiving the same quality of work.

All this is not to suggest that the desktop is being replaced, rather that it’s becoming part of a hybrid technology that embraces the best of both worlds. They will likely remain the primary workhorse, even in a world of lighter devices that offer increased convenience and portability at the price of computing power. Many experts predict that a more sophisticated marriage of the desktop and the cloud will develop, resulting in an individual computer that will be able to utilize the best features of the cloud with increased functionality, efficiency, and speed. Software is already rapidly adopting cloud technology, so it is reasonable to assume that hardware isn’t far behind.


Common Networking Issues that Slows Down LAN Performance – A Technical Perspective

There are plenty of connectivity and networking issues faced today. In my time as a journalist, I have witnessed this first hand and have come across situations where the entire office ends up in chaos. We are very dependent on our systems today, and though these machines do help us in making our work easy, they are never short of problems.

There were a lot of such issues that I would like to quote here when it comes to LAN environment. But keeping in mind my vow to keep it short and simple, I am listing a few of those here, which I have personally witnessed happening.

Overloaded switch: If the computer is attached to several switches, it struggles to perform better. It usually arises when the switch performs additional functions like hosting several VLANS, QOS, VACL’s and free instances. The high usage of CPU will signal the switch is overloaded.

Faulty physical hardware: Sometimes, the switchboards would be physically damaged and it results to cause intermittent problems. Before connecting, it is best to ensure it does not slow down your LAN performance. If you feel so, you can plug the computer in another cable to experience better functionality. There will be lots of difference when connecting with the new port and a faulty switch port.

Half duplex connections: This is the modern way to easily receive and send data. You can use this method in traditional hubs where it eliminates the issue of Ethernet frame crashes.

Using the hub connection: There is a lot of difference in the switch and hub connections. A hub is a  joint Ethernet architecture. It fails to perform well when there the traffic is huge or when several computers are connected to a single hub. By connecting to a packet switch, you can avoid retransmissions and collisions.

A computer will come across several issues. The troubleshooting issues are mostly solved by system administrators, IT consultants, network technicians and network administrators. Other than the LAN performance, systems can have issues pertaining to hackers attack, malware attack, virus and spyware attack, connectivity issues and access by unauthorized users. It is vital to fix them immediately for a smooth workflow.  Hiring network technicians to identify the issues and repair faulty network devices is the best solution under such circumstances.


The Cloud and Productivity Tools With Office 365

For many businesses, it’s a tough decision when it comes to Microsoft Office. Do you buy Microsoft Office 2013 out of the box or subscribe to the Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps cloud-based services?

For many businesses, however, Office 365 makes more sense. Over the last three months, Office 365 got busy with two new products scheduled to be released sometime this year: Office for Windows and Office 2016. However, there are other reasons for choosing Office 365.

It’s the same Office but better

Many people think that buying Office 365 means getting limited, cloud-based Office application rather than full-featured Office applications that are installed locally. Well it’s true if you opt for Business Essentials plan that starts at £3.10 a month per user

However, Business or Business Premium plan that start at £7.00 a month per user or the Office 365 Pro Plus Home E3 plans at £10.00 per month installs the same applications as the standard Office packages: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Access on Windows 7 or 8 computers. Microsoft offers the Office 365 University subscription for college students, faculty, and staff that for a single payment allow them to use the product for 4 years.

Microsoft’s cloud storage called OneDrive comes with only 15GB cloud storage. However, when you subscribe to Office 365, you’ll be getting more storage and other features. OneDrive for Business, which comes with Office 365, comes with 1 TB of cloud storage per user plus there is the option to share files within and outside of the organization. Along with the subscription, you’ll also get additional tools that allow you to manage file access.

Flexibility of having a virtual office

With standard Office installations, all you’d be getting is software that you can use for one computer alone. With an Office 365 Business or Business Premium subscription, you will be able to install the applications you find in the Office Suite across 5 personal computers and Windows tablets. Not only that, the subscription also allows you to use the same apps on an Apple product such as the iPad or a Google Chromebook.

You don’t need to install Office offline to be able to use the Office 365, with OneDrive or OneDrive for Business you will be able to edit Office documents on your browser. Of course you’d have to have Internet connection but isn’t it comforting to know that you can access your documents on demand?

Moreover, as long as you’re still subscribed to Office 365, you’ll get the updates and patches immediately. And if you’re a small business that has little budget for a detailed security management, you can use Office 365 can be safer place for your files and mailboxes.

Switching to a cloud computing service is not to be taken lightly. If you don’t have the technical capacity you wouldn’t know where or how to start. Fortunately, there are companies such as Cloud London 365 that provide consultation services to those looking for professional advice and support to businesses that are planning to switch to cloud-based services among other things.



New Mobile Applications That Are Worth A Look

Here is a selection of some recent iPhone and Android apps that are worth a look.


This app created a lot of excitement at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin and has managed to gain even more traction since. Meerkat lets you live stream a video from your phone and use your Twitter followers as a distribution base for it.  When you begin a live broadcast, a link to the stream is tweeted to any of your followers who have downloaded the app. They can then tune in, watch and comment via @reply tweets. When the broadcast is over, the live stream disappears from your feed,  although comments remain visible.  If you don’t have a Twitter account, don’t worry; the app will still let you follow other users and watch their videos via its interface.  Meerkat is available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Smarter Paris

If you are lucky enough to be preparing for a trip to Paris, this will help you get better acquainted with the city of lights. A “Parisian’s guide to Paris”, the app includes nearly a thousand reviews for landmarks, restaurants and bars that are off the beaten track, as well as a lot of exclusive content about the city. You can find out what exhibitions will be open during your stay there, what the weather is going to be like, as well as what kid-friendly activities will be available. Whatsmore, the app has some very useful features that will help you explore Paris easily. The most important of these is offline availability of all content and maps, which means that you won’t have to pay roaming charges every time you just need to look something up. The integrated Dictionary and Phrasebook are absolutely invaluable, and the currency converter will help you avoid missteps. There are also premium access features like a cookbook with Parisian recipes and a form for making restaurant reservations. The Smarter Paris  app is available for the iPhone and iPad.


Swipes is a simple daily task planner that will help you organize your crowded to-do list. Your Tasks will be divided into three categories according to their level of priority: Current focus, Scheduled and Completed tasks.  Scheduled tasks can be snoozed so you can focus on the rest while tasks that become urgent will be moved up to the ‘Current focus’ pile. This might seem like a very intuitive way of organising your work, but having an app to nudge you and send reminders can really help you achieve a better workflow and finally get things done.  Swipes is available for Android and iOS devices.

Atari Fit

Another addition to the wide range of fitness-focused apps, this one comes from a company that is best known for its video games.  Its aim is to bring gamification to fitness activities by rewarding its users for their workout efforts with coins to unlock popular games.  There are more than 100 exercises and 30 workout plans available to choose from, or even collaborate on with friends. The app also allows you to connect it to fitness-tracking devices like Fitbit and Jawbone. Atari Fit is available for iOS and Android devices.

Also here is a Top 20 Best Android Apps video that you might find interesting:

Search Engine Optimization Is Worth An Investment

With persistence, effort and time you can get the desired result through SEO. SEO is like a campaign carried on giving you the desired result. Success rate is mostly seen to increase when SEO is carried on for a website. Thus if you have a website for your business it is best that you go for SEO to promote your business. It will help your business reach great heights. Running a business is itself a very big task; other things involved in it are a great responsibility. One of your responsibilities for business promotion will be made easier if you hire a SEO firm. This industry has grown drastically in past few years. You can put a check on the success of your website after SEO. There are various analytics tool that will help you determine that.


There are many tools used for SEO some of which include keyword density reports, keyword research, traffic reports, keyword competition reports, etc. An Seo Vaughan expert will make great strategies to fulfil the demands of client website. A roadmap is needed before starting an SEO strategy. Based on the road map different Seo Vaughan experts will operate on different fields to promote a website. It is a continuous process. Thus having skilled professionals by your side will help you allot. Lot of time is needed for a successful SEO campaign.

Today there are so many websites on the internet that it has become more difficult to figure out the perfect SEO strategy. An SEO expert needs to understand the latest trend in the market. In the first attempt people generally find SEO service very expensive. The fact is that it is a far cheaper technique to promote your business. You will realize it once you have started working in this field. All of this makes it necessary to hire a SEO service provider firm to promote your business.