Common Networking Issues that Slows Down LAN Performance – A Technical Perspective


There are plenty of connectivity and networking issues faced today. In my time as a journalist, I have witnessed this first hand and have come across situations where the entire office ends up in chaos. We are very dependent on our systems today, and though these machines do help us in making our work easy, they are never short of problems.

There were a lot of such issues that I would like to quote here when it comes to LAN environment. But keeping in mind my vow to keep it short and simple, I am listing a few of those here, which I have personally witnessed happening.

Overloaded switch: If the computer is attached to several switches, it struggles to perform better. It usually arises when the switch performs additional functions like hosting several VLANS, QOS, VACL’s and free instances. The high usage of CPU will signal the switch is overloaded.

Faulty physical hardware: Sometimes, the switchboards would be physically damaged and it results to cause intermittent problems. Before connecting, it is best to ensure it does not slow down your LAN performance. If you feel so, you can plug the computer in another cable to experience better functionality. There will be lots of difference when connecting with the new port and a faulty switch port.

Half duplex connections: This is the modern way to easily receive and send data. You can use this method in traditional hubs where it eliminates the issue of Ethernet frame crashes.

Using the hub connection: There is a lot of difference in the switch and hub connections. A hub is a  joint Ethernet architecture. It fails to perform well when there the traffic is huge or when several computers are connected to a single hub. By connecting to a packet switch, you can avoid retransmissions and collisions.

A computer will come across several issues. The troubleshooting issues are mostly solved by system administrators, IT consultants, network technicians and network administrators. Other than the LAN performance, systems can have issues pertaining to hackers attack, malware attack, virus and spyware attack, connectivity issues and access by unauthorized users. It is vital to fix them immediately for a smooth workflow.  Hiring network technicians to identify the issues and repair faulty network devices is the best solution under such circumstances.