Evolution Of Modern Day Technology – Study Of The Present Decade

Technology in the hands of businessmen

The world is rapidly changing and this is very evident in the field of software development. There are new changes, developments and enhancement in technology that are coping up with new challenges and demands of the market. You cannot blame them for this, as users we are always expecting faster and highly productive things around us.

There have been quite a few developments that this decade has seen where the world has moved on from the past and moving ahead into future technology, faster than what was anticipated a century ago. Here are a few listed below that have been obvious changes in technology development in the past decade.

Companies moving to cloud technology: Cloud technology though heard of wasn’t given as much importance in the past but this decade has witnessed both public and private organizations opting for it. It reduces the use of hardware and minimizes updating costs. Moreover, it is highly user-friendly and affordable for any size of business.

Location-based applications: The incorporation of GPS technology in mobile applications and smart phones has paved way to develop applications that focus on locations. It is a trend that developed slowly and is catching up pretty much all over the world. More people are using the GPS system to track everything from business location to information. Foursquare and Facebook places are some of the best examples of location-based applications.

Agile Methodology: Software developed in this decade uses agile methodology that helps to complete the project within a short time. Moreover, a team of professionals can exchange recommendation and discuss project updates on a regular basis. This way, they can create better products within a short time frame.

Mobile devices: Apart from communication, mobile devices are now used for shopping, reading reviews, sharing, and other functionalities. It is due to the advancement of software market, the mobile applications are becoming popular by the day. It helps consumers use their favorite mobile devices more than just for communication purposes.